Arka is an international video-based platform dedicated to discussing and displaying architecture in a way that engages people. Arka is architecture – not only for architects.

Arka, Bryghuspladsen 1
DK-1473 Copenhagen

Arka is the world’s first international video-based platform dedicated to discussing and displaying architecture for everybody.

Architecture is not only for architects. It should concern everyone - as everything around us is influenced by architecture - from the life we live and how we work to saving the planet and building a sustainable future for the next generations. For much too long, architecture has been living a quiet life in glossy magazines and websites, where buildings - taken out of context - always are depicted without people and in still images. But architecture is a living, breathing discipline. It should be experienced through movement and sensibility. Therefore, we are proud to be the world’s first video-based platform for architecture.

Arka is divided into four categories - life, shift, young blood, and opinion - and consists only of short, rough videos that display and discuss architecture in a way that engages everyday people around the world. We aim to reach an audience that’s used to watching short videos online - and not hour-long documentaries on flow tv. We want to display the new talent and address the climate crisis. And we want to inspire people to act and discuss - and not just stand by - when it comes to how we should live.

Our content is free to watch and without advertising. This is important to us, as accessibility is at the core of our vision. Therefore, Arka has welcomed Velux into a creative partnership that enables us editorial freedom as well as financial support. For VELUX, providing access to good design and healthy homes for both people and the planet is at the heart of the VELUX long-term commitment. Therefore, VELUX has decided to partner with Arka in making this knowledge accessible.

The founders behind Arka, Ane Cortzen and Peter Mork have both worked professionally with architecture for many years. Ane, an architect herself, has been hosting numerous tv-programs and moderating debates about architecture. Peter, former Consul General for Denmark in Toronto and the UK and specialist in the internationalization of architects works with Danish and international studios.

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