In the video, the co-founder and partner at EFFEKT Sinus Lynge, talks about how working on the project Living Places Copenhagen changed his practice as an architect.

Living Places Copenhagen consists of seven 1:1 prototypes - two homes and five open pavilions, initiated to develop new sustainable building methods and greener ways of living. The purpose of the project has been to lower the CO2 footprint drastically with a three-time lower CO2 impact than regular buildings. For now, the buildings hold the lowest CO2 emission in Denmark.

The project involves collaborative partners VELUX, Artelia, EFFEKT, Enemærke & Petersen and is a part of VELUX's Build for Life.

Address: Otto Busses vej 29a, 2450, Copenhagen SV, DK.

Visit the place.

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This video is part of a series of videos exploring what is happening in the World Capital of Architecture 2023. The series is part of a collaboration between Arka and Copenhagen in Common.