HY William Chan is an architect who moved on to politics as he now works as a counselor in the City of Sydney with the Lord Mayor. He states his opinion about the need for different generations to engage more actively with each other, while the younger generation has been fighting for a greener future, the older generation has the knowledge and expertise.

HY William Chan also speaks about working with visions and plans for 2030-2050 for the city of Sydney, and how the visions depend on the voice of the city and the citizens' wishes for a greener urban environment.

Want to know more? Visit the City of Sydney's website and read about their visions for the future.

Concerning the designation of Copenhagen as The World Capital of Architecture 2023, the UIA- World Congress of Architects will be held in Copenhagen from 02 to 06 July.
This video is part of a series featuring various speakers and participants contributing to the congress. The series is part of a collaboration between Arka and UIA - World Congress of Architects 2023.

HY William Chan joined the UIA as a speaker.

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