Two concrete towers rise into the sky in an old industrial area in the former East Berlin. They were made for graphite production during DDR, and for many years after the Berlin Wall fell, they stood as a ruin. Until a studio decided to change the narrative of the place.

Host Ane Cortzen visits Jolene Lee and Olaf Grawert who are architects and partners at the Berlin-based studio (b+) in Germany located in the area they named San Gimignano Lichtenberg.

In this video, they talk about how the change of location and the transformation of a building also works as a tool for questioning the studio's structure and practice. is a collaborative architecture practice where they work actively with the perspective that architecture is an actor in creating ecological and economic change.

The transformation of the tower is therefore a part of a practice that goes both outward and inward where they as a studio continually ask themselves what they do and how they do it.

Address: Am Wasserwerk 22F, 10365 Berlin, Germany.

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