The Calabar Sculpture Garden is the Nigerian-British architect Stephanie Ete's final project from The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

The idea for the project arose from a visit to a museum in Calabar and the exploration of an old abandoned botanical garden from the time of British colonization in Calabar, South Eastern Nigeria.
Through the exhibition spaces in the museum, it struck her that the indigenous artifacts were physically separated from their place of origin as they were only represented as photos while the artifacts themselves were noted as being on display in Western museums.

Stephanie Ete then saw the need for a place where the ethnic traditions, heritage, and history alongside the rich flora and fauna could be explored and celebrated as a public garden with museums, festival pavilions, monuments, etc located at the old botanical garden.

In this video, Stephanie Ete talks about how the project started at The Slave History Museum in Calabar, Nigeria.

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