Drude Emilie Holm Ehn and Sofie Thorsen are PhD Fellows at Gehl Architects and Aalborg University where they are a part of The Urban Belonging Project.

The project explores how different groups of people experience Copenhagen, DK. From the perspective of those who live in the city - through photography and map-making - they have gained information and facilitated dialogue about lived experiences of being and belonging in the city.

With a desire to plan the cities of the future in a more socially sustainable way, they ask the question of how new ways of engaging a more diverse group of people can become a greater part of the urban planning processes and how universal design principles don't always work as intended.

Want to know more? VisitThe Urban Belonging Project's website or visit Drude Emilie Holm Ehn's LinkedIn or Sofie Thorsen's LinkedIn.

The exhibition of the project took place at Copenhagen Architecture Festival, CAFx.