Sandi Hilal is the co-founder at DAAR, together with Alessandro Petti. Their practice focuses on decolonization through research, architecture, and art.

In this video, Sandi Hilal talks about Al Madhafah/ The Living Room in Boden, Sweden, which was created in collaboration with Yasmeen Mahmoud and Ibrahim Muhammad Haj Abdullah. The project took place in a social refugee housing in Boden in an established Madhafah/ living room, where the refugees therefore did not repeat the role as the guest but regained the right to host.

The photos in the video are taken from the mentioned project from 2019 in Boden in Sweden, Boden Living Room (Al-Madhafah) by Andreas Fernandez.
Other photos were taken by Marcel de Buck, and Peter Cox from the exhibition piece The Living Room (Al-Madhafah) at the Van Abbemuseum in The Netherlands.
Cover image by Peter Cox.

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Concerning the designation of Copenhagen as The World Capital of Architecture 2023, the UIA- World Congress of Architects was held in Copenhagen from 02 to 06 July.
This video is part of a series featuring various speakers and participants contributing to the congress. The series is part of a collaboration between Arka and UIA - World Congress of Architects 2023.

Sandi Hilal participated at the UIA as a speaker.

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